Diary verified by Irish Historian Michael O’Mahony

Michael O’Mahony a renowned Irish Historian and Genealogist verifies that the diary appears to be real and a Sean Scanlon did in fact immigrate from West Cork, Ireland in 1750. It also seems Scanlon left in a hurry amid allegations that he was a traitor and English informant responsible for a massacre in the village he came from. The diary is being brought to Ireland on Friday for additional verifications and translations by O’Mahony. Our local historian says there are no records of Scanlon landing in America or living in the Conestoga area. Stay tuned more to follow.

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  1. Kassie Schelling

    Wow, Joe, that’s seems like destiny for you to find this diary from an Irishman! I can’t even imagine how exciting that was for you & your wife! What are the odds?
    Kassie Schelling

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