300 year old diary found at Sickmans Mill

In the aftermath of Hurricane, Ida a 270 year old diary was found at Sickmans Mill. During the flooding a secret compartment was knocked open. Hidden in a dummy grain elevator were a number of documents with one especially unique and rare diary. Preliminary examination seems to have belonged to Sean Scanlon, an Irish immigrant who came to America in 1750 or 1751. It also appears that it has been passed from generation to generation and kept up by his successors. The diary is currently being inspected and verified by a local historian and there will be more to follow once we get a chance to review the contents upon its return.

13 thoughts on “300 year old diary found at Sickmans Mill”

  1. Casandra we were lucky in that the flood waters stopped right below this elevator. There was a table floating on the top of the water, that bumped the elevator and opened the secret compartment,


  2. Patricia Brogan

    WOW, Joe! This is so damned exciting and interesting. Of course, the diary is from an Irishman and found by an Irishman–after 300 years!
    The spirits are speaking. Can’t wait to hear more tales from the hidden Scanlon Scripts!!!

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